AFK9 KM Module 2


Advanced Principles Of Conditioning Module Outline

At the end of this module 2 the student will have a written exam, with a mini-mum, accuracy of 90%, to identify the advanced principles of conditioning for canine training.

  • The Dog’s basic needs.
  • Dog’s sensory system.
  • Dog’s basic senses.
  • The sensory spectrum.
  • The effect of sensory spectrum on training.
  • The factors affecting the Dog’s basic senses.
  • The learning acquisition.
  • The requirements necessary for the learning to take place.
  • Essential skills for dog trainers.
  • Classical conditioning.
  • The proper application of classical conditioning.
  • Operant conditioning.
  • The reward schedules.
  • Define gaining behaviour control.

What you will need

  1. Note book/ I pad
  2. Duty Uniform
  3. Pen
$ 100

What’s included