Investigative Thinking



At this point in your training you are aware of the many ways in which information is collected. It is important to understand that skills, sources, and techniques need to be developed in all these areas. Investigators have a tendency to use those skills they are good at and to work cases where they are most knowledgeable.

One such investigator that I know specializes in surveillance and courthouse searches. He is very good at both but becomes ineffective if offered another type of case. To be truly a private investigator you must develop skills in all area of work if you are to be really successful. Knowledge is the key and clear, rational thinking is a must. All the tools you need are here in this course. You must learn them well and use them.

What would happen to a carpenter if he did not like to use a hammer? An investigator who does not use all the tools available to him/her is at a disadvantage and it will limit your income or change for advancement. Study all the techniques in your course and read them often until you can almost recite them from memory. Like all investigations, preparation is required if you are to successfully complete any case assigned to you either by a client or employer. AFK9 has given you the tools you need. It is up to use them properly. You must think like an investigator and this lesson is designed to help you do just that.

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