Shop Lifting Investigation



Today, employees steal or embezzle millions of dollars from the firms for whom they work. High on this schedule of theft is a person who handles money. The sales person handling company money is often tempted. For this lesson, mentally put yourself in the shoes of a detective checking the employees of a large department store. You are in the store as a regular customer to make purchases designed to test the honesty and efficiency of the sales clerks.

We cannot stress too strongly at this point the importance of your job. You are being paid, and the merchant is paying good money to have your report. It must be accurate, it must be fair and it must be clear. If you checked a store for honesty and were careless in a method used, and reported to the merchant that you found no stealing, evidently all of their employees are honest. If you fail to uncover any person who is embezzling or stealing, you have rendered your client a very grave injustice. The thief will remain in their employ and continue their operations costing the company maybe thousands and thousands of dollars in lost money or merchandise. Therefore, the responsibility rests upon shoulders and you must make every endeavor to apprehend any person who is stealing.

The purpose of this lesson is to train you in this skill and know how so you will be competent not only to apprehend the thieves, but to judge the sales person’s ability fairly and accurately. Experience gained as a “shopper” is extremely valuable and a wonderful entry-level method to begin your career or as a sideline business. An almost perfect husband and wife business, that
can be operated from your home

$ 100

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