Opportunities In Security



In order for you to fully appreciate the training you will receive in the lessons that follow, you should have an understanding of the real opportunities that exist today in the security and investigation profession.

In the lesson we will look at those opportunities and discuss how you can obtain the position you want. it will show you what is needed to become a successful detective; where to look for a lob; how to get one; and how to keep it after you get it. A thorough understanding of what the security business can offer you is essential if you are to properly prepare for a career as a private or public investigator. This lesson will also teach you how to work for yourself, if that is what you want to do.

You will find the knowledge gained in this course will give you a great feeling of prestige, confidence and recognition. This lesson is the starting point for the achievement of a lifetime. Read it slowly and carefully. It will help you.

As you study this lesson, ask yourself questions:

  • What types of jobs are available for an investigator?
  • How can I find one of these jobs?
  • In addition to detective agencies, what other opportunities exist?
  • How can I prepare for a career as a detective?
  • Will I make the effort to find a job in security?
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