Surveillance and Stakeouts



Surveillance is the secret and continuous watching of persons, vehicles, places or objects to obtain. Following and observing every movement of a subject, undetected, is an arduous and tedious job, which only experience and proper preparation will make easier. But for sheer excitement nothing can match it. When you have completed this lesson you will you will be able to conduct a proper foot, auto and stationary surveillance.

Surveillance, like undercover work, requires no special skills except common sense and the ability to think quickly. Of course, knowing and studying the fundamentals is an advantage. You are about to gain that advantage. This lesson will introduce you to the basic skills and techniques required to carry out a surveillance. It will acquaint you with the importance, the uses, the
advantages and the disadvantages of surveillance. But, most importantly it will provide you the foundation for what is yet to come.

The secret of superior surveillance is to get all of the pertinent information available about the subject before you ever begin to follow him or her. Before you get in your vehicle and charge off to follow someone, be absolutely sure you have as much background information about the subject as you can.Have a plan.


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