Advanced Principles Of Conditioning


Kennel Master.

Advanced Principles Of Conditioning

Module Outline

At the end of this module 2 the student will have a written exam, with a mini-mum, accuracy of 90%, to identify the advanced principles of conditioning for ca-nine training.

  1. The Dog’s basic needs.
  2. Dog’s sensory system.
  3. Dog’s basic senses.
  4. The sensory spectrum.
  5. The effect of sensory spectrum on training.
  6. The factors affecting the Dog’s basic senses.
  7. The learning acquisition.
  8. The requirements necessary for the learning to take place.
  9. Essential skills for dog trainers.
  10. Classical conditioning.
  11. The proper application of classical conditioning.
  12. Operant conditioning.
  13. The reward schedules.
  14. Define gaining behaviour control.

What You Will Need

  • Note book/ I pad
  • Duty Uniform
  • Pen
$ 500

What’s included