Kennel Master With Kennel Operations


Kennel Master With Kennel Operations.

AFK9 – African k9 academy & detection services. Storage,transport & handling narcotics.
Storage, transportation, and handling

Module program outline. Kennel Operations.

At the conclusion of this block of instruction, on a written exam, with a minimum accuracy of 90% the student will identify the requirements for setting up and maintaining a kennel facility.

  • The kennel facilities as described in DAPAM 190-12
  • The ideal kennel site location
  • The kennel components
  • The Semi- permanent kennels
  • The proper structural safety and security.
  • The components of canine training areas as described in DAPAM 190-12.
  • The proper warning signs required for kennel areas
  • The proper kennel procedures
  • Operational security
  • Proper equipment care
  • Approved locking devices
  • The kennel master and Trainer QA/QC requirement.

What you will Need

  1. Uniform
  2. Notebook.



$ 500

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