AFK9 EDD Handler Course Module 9



Principles of Conditioning” as they appear in this material are not new, unique, nor secret techniques. These conditioning principles are based on behavioral modification procedures used not only by dog trainers, but trainers of other animals, and psychologist. Failure to properly follow the conditioning principles outlined in this chapter will prevent you from following a logical progression of training and problem solving. The conditioning principles outlined can be used for patrol training, tracking, Obedience, or any other task you may wish to train the dog to perform.

During this session we are going to cover the procedures for grooming and inspection of a working dog.
You will learn:

  • Essentials For Dog Training
  • Knowledge.
  • Practice (Repetition)
  • Patience
  • Objective Training

Motivation and Sensation

  • Needs
  • Drives
$ 100

What’s included