Computer Investigations



Computer investigation, or on-line searching, is simply the activity of plugging into a database via your computer through an internet connection. If you are unfamiliar with computers, this might be a good to begin your research. Visit local dealers. Ask questions and by the time you finish this lesson you will know what questions to ask and should then know some of the answers.

But computers are only the hardware. You need software to run the computer you can access the information you want. Software are disk you put into the computer. To go on-line you need communication software. That is simply a program, which allows your computer to send and receive information via your telephone line. Typical programs are:

  1. IMM: For IBM and Apple computers
  2. PROCOM: For IBM
  3. SMARTCOM: For Apple

Let’s begin with a description of the equipment and on-line services available to you.

$ 100

What’s included