Domestic Investigations



Too many poorly trained investigators are inclined to make light of some cases, especially in domestic work. You should remember that a man and woman’s life, and the lives of perhaps several children, are all dependant on their case. It is
highly important to them that it be solved correctly, and that all information gathered be accurate.

If the accused person is innocent, he should be proven innocent. If he is guilty, he should be proven guilty. This is, of course, true in any investigation but particularly when there are innocent children involved. The results of your investigation will be far reaching and will affect many lives for many years to come. What will become of the children, and what will become of the husband and wife, all depend to a great extent upon the results of your investigation.

Constant review of the knowledge in this and the other lessons, will fix the information firmly in your mind to be retrieved when you need it most. That knowledge can be incredibly important to your client and to you.

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