Background Investigation



Background investigations may be conducted for a variety of purposes. an Insurance Company may want to know the physical activities of a person who claims certain injuries as a result of an accident and has filed for insurance compensation. A prospective employer may want to verify certain to know the after-work habits and activities of a person being considered for promotion to a higher position.

A businessman may want to know something about the reputation and financial condition of a firm which he plans to do business. Or a prospective bride or her parents may want to know the background of the future husband. In fact, an investigator’s client may want to know almost any kind of specific facts about a person, place, firm, group or organization for a
number of reasons.

This lesson will show you the many ways to conduct this type of investigation. The investigator who can successfully perform this work will be a most welcome addition to any agency. In fact, new investigators are usually assigned the task of doing backgrounds on new agency or company applicants and employees.

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